We live downtown – at One Lexington. We thoroughly enjoy living here. It is something we had hoped to do for a long time. Getting here was not easy, however. Despite the fact that we have bought and sold a number of houses over the years, we had never bought a place downtown or sold a house in this economy. We needed a special real estate partner and we found one in Daisy Anderson. Daisy was marvelous in helping us find exactly what we wanted and resourcefully determined to make sure that we got it. Through countless turns of events she was there for us to support us. She worked tireless with the seller through every aspect of the process – even following up on items well after the close of escrow – always assuring our best interests. She then managed the sale of our home, finding just the right listing agent and always staying fully engaged. As a result, we had a truly unbelievable transition from our house to our condo – and it was possible because of Daisy Anderson.

Lowell Adkins and Jimmy Johnson

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Our daughter told us about Daisy when we were getting ready to sell our house in Tucson and move closer to her in Surprise, Arizona.  The thing that impressed me the most was Daisy listened to us and then found the house that fit.  She negotiated on our behalf and we got everything and then some. I always felt like she was looking out for us and she knew how to get things done with a smile and respect for all parties.  In this day and age, you really want Daisy on your side.

JoAnn & Bud Mennig

Our time and energy, like so many nowadays, is limited and constantly being stretched to fill or meet the demands placed on our lives.  We had just spent three fruitless and frustrating months with a realtor that would show us so many properties that didn’t meet our requests, or were already in the process of being sold.  It was terrible service and a waste of our time! 

We were discouraged from that initial experience, but when we met Daisy, she was like a breath of fresh air and our hope to find the right house was renewed!  Daisy actually listened to our requests, took notes, and took the time to carefully preview the properties making sure they met our specific requests before emailing them to us.  And when the time came for us to start checking out the properties, not only was Daisy was prepared and ready to go, but on the very first day, the very first house that Daisy brought us to was the one!  How amazing is that!  Daisy not only nailed it right the first time but we also were absolutely surprised and delighted with all the extra upgrades that came with this beautiful house! 

We made an offer that same day and Daisy never let us down with her professional expertise during this part either.  She astutely watched over the entire closing process and stood her ground for us when the title company was making mistakes which would have cost us extra money.  She is like her namesake, bright, cheery, and fun,  but she is also like a Pit Bull for her clients and won’t let go until it done right!  We’re so thankful and grateful for everything she and her team did for us and how she looked out for our best interests.  Daisy was professional from beginning to end and truly made it an enjoyable and successful experience for us.  We will choose Daisy again for our real estate needs and highly recommend her to be your “Go to Gal” for AZ real estate!

Kay Crotteau